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Finishing Books.

Alright so I literally just finished the first book of Hunger Games like 10 minutes ago. It’s a really good story and I highly recommend it. For a rating, I give it an 8/10 because some of parts lagged a little bit and it didn’t really take til chapter 10 to get to the actual games. All in all really good book, highly recommended.

Awesome Servers

So yeah I’m trying to find a really fun MineCraft server that won’t be taken down after about one week of playing it. I found a really fun one that got griefed. Actually two really fun ones that got griefed. But I know the owner to one of them. I do wanna play on a server called thedailyblock though. It was an amazingly fun server that I only got to stay on for about a week or so. I’m hoping I can get a verification code from the owner so I can play on it again. Damn that was a long post.

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